La Meule

Du Berger

Savoie in Bordeaux

Traditionnal Savoyard restaurant, raclette cheese,

cheese fondue and "brasero"

La Meule Du Berger, Savoie in the middle of Bordeaux.

Raclette cheese, cheese fondue, "brasero" and cheese specialities.

In the setting of reminiscent of the wooden chalets. Come and test the best products from the Savoyard soil. Traditional cheeses and cold cuts platter will be sublimate by the typical wines of the region.

Find the authenticity of raclettes cheese, cheese fondue and "brasero", a whole universe to share!

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30, rue Saint-Rémi 33000 Bordeaux

We are open everyday

11.45am - 2.45pm

6.45pm - 10.45pm



By phone: +33 5 56 52 61 33

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